5 Myths About Salt Water Pool Systems

Ever thought about installing the sea in your backyard?

Okay, maybe not the sea, but a salt water pool. Admittedly, it’s not quite the same as listening to crashing waves, but swimming in a salt water pool can be a uniquely relaxing experience in its own right.

However, there are many myths surrounding salt water pool systems. Let’s take a moment to dispel 5 of them.


Is There a Ton of Salt in Salt Water Pool Systems?

What if you dislike swimming in the ocean because the water is so salty? Lucky for you, salt water pools aren’t nearly as salty as the sea. On average, the ocean contains about 35,000 parts of salt per million parts of water. For reference, a human tear contains about 6,000 parts salt and a salt water pool rings in at a paltry 2,500 parts per million.

While the salt level in the ocean is high enough to dry out your skin, the low amount in a salt water pool can actually be good for your skin. Many people feel like their skin is softer and more hydrated after swimming in a salt water pool.

Arctic Spas has perfected the salt water hot tub with our Onzen™ Salt Water System. Naturally sourcing Dead Sea salts, this system creates sanitizer (rather than artificially adding it to the water).


Are Salt Water Pool Systems Expensive?

While it’s true that the upfront costs of a saltwater pool are more expensive, it can even out with the maintenance costs. Salt is inexpensive and you have to buy far fewer chemicals to maintain a salt water pool than a chlorine one.

Arctic Spas Onzen™ Salt Water System:

  • Reduces overall operating costs.
  • Helps create optimal water salinity.
  • Maintains water that is safer for the eyes and skin.
  • Promotes self-maintaining water management, which means less worry and hassle for you!


Are Salt Water Pool Systems Free of Chlorine?

One reason that people opt for salt water swimming pools is to avoid the harshness of chlorine that can irritate the eyes and skin and destroy your hair. However, these types of pools aren’t entirely free of chlorine as you might expect.

Part of the upfront costs of a salt water pool is the salt-chlorine generator. Remember back to high school science? Salt is actually made up of sodium chloride. The generator runs an electric charge which frees the chlorine from the salt and creates chlorine in the water to kill the bad bacteria that can build up in your pool.

However, most people find the chlorine in salt water pools to be far less irritating. For one, there is less of it, and for two you don’t need the extra chemicals designed to stabilize chlorine in a chlorine pool. Those chemicals can often be harsher on the body than the actual chlorine itself.


Are Salt Water Systems Harder to Maintain?

While it’s true that salt water systems are a little more complex than chlorine ones, there is less daily maintenance. You may have to invest some time learning how they work in order to diagnose problems (or have a great professional company on speed dial). Plus you’ll have to check the pH, alkalinity, and calcium levels regularly. However, the daily chore of adding chlorine goes away.

Arctic Spas trademarked Spa Boy® technology simply, accurately and effortlessly helps to maintain perfect clear and safe spa water for you.  Using medical-grade sensors to constantly analyze key water cleanliness parameters and from this data, the Spa Boy® system precisely controls the output of our integrated salt water system, ensuring that sanitizer levels are kept in the absolute optimum range.


Will Salt Water Ruin Your Landscaping?

Well, this one’s kind of true. The salt in your pool can have a detrimental effect on the plants surrounding it. However, this problem is easy to avoid. Simply choose salt-tolerant plants to plant in the area around your pool.

Ready To Start Planning Your New Pool?

Sometimes people shy from away salt water pool systems because they think they’re as salty as the ocean or are hard to maintain. However, as we’ve seen, these are all myths.  Now you know that you can leave water maintenance to your own, personal Spa Boy® and that overall operating costs can be reduced with an Arctic Spas Onzen™ Salt Water System

Are you ready to start relaxing in a soft and silky high sodium low saline bath that feels absolutely amazing on your skin?


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